Review of Rycote S-300 Blimp

As someone who often works outside in high wind conditions I always keep a blimp close by in my kit. Like most sound mixers I have a modular windshield kit. Last year I bought a Rycote S-300 Blimp for a project that I thought would require a lot of outdoor use of two boom poles. However it ended up not so the Rycote S-300 Blimp had just been sitting in my shop. After buying my Schoeps CMIT-5U I decided I would give the Rycote S-300 Blimp a try and I am glad I did the shock mount is excellent and the ability to quickly remove the blimp part from the shock mount is excellent.

A project it became especially useful on was a golf video which we were quickly moving from outdoors to indoors without any down time, in less than 30 seconds I was able to remove the Rycote S-300 Blimp from the shock mount and be ready to go. I also found the wind protection to be just as good as the older Rycote Windshield system. The Rycote S-300 Blimp is also build a bit more robust then the wind shield system which is always a plus in the field.

So overall if your looking for a blimp that is good for traveling in a Pelican case and provides great wind protection check out the Rycote S-300 Blimp you will be happy you did.

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