When to use 48.048

Great Article By Julian Daboll on Trewaudio.com

Below are the main 4 point please visit the link above for the full article

Here are 4 rules of thumb that determine whether or not 48.048 kHz workflow is possible in your project, and how it must be used. These are:

Rule # 1: That 48.048 kHz workflow only works if picture is being shot at true 24 fps, and picture and sound editorial is being done in NTSC 29.97 or 23.98 HD video.

Rule # 2: That 48.048 kHz workflow only works when the project is finishing and releasing on video (not film).

Rule # 3: That 48.048 files are only useful if they are stamped using –F mode.

Rule # 4: Sound Editorial must agree that it’s a good idea to use 48.048 kHz sound, and the producers and post supervisor must agree with them.

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