My R12 Cart

Well I got my R12 cart earlier this week along with the Top Shelf and deck lid. The cart is very well built and easy to use, However both shelves aren’t as well built. The bottom shelf mounting points were slightly off so I had to trim them with a handsaw not a big deal but they should have fit. The top shelf is mounted to the frame via four “U” shaped mounting points which are well built they are secured to the frame of the cart via some bolts and wing nuts. However I found the bolts provided were barely long enough so I went to my local home hardware store and bought some longer bolts which made it easier. I also bought some hooks which i drilled holes in and used some other mounting points on the frame to secure. Overall I think the cart is a good value and will work well for now when I need a cart to move cases and work from. In the future I see this cart becoming my utility cart in the future as my need for more space grows.


2 thoughts on “My R12 Cart”

  1. hey whitney,

    make sure you put a couple washers in the front tire axles to protect the air valves from potentially being ripped out.

    i have the same cart. it has help up pretty well. though after about a year one of the tires finally has a flat…i still need to fix it.


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