New Equipment in my kit: Remote Audio Earbuds

Been busy traveling for work and was in the middle of nowhere working last week so was unable to post. On this very demanding shoot I tried out my new REMOTE AUDIO EARBUD single sided headsets for all my producer comtek and everyone loved them. Below is that Remote Audio has to say about them:

Single earphone with swivel ear hook. This allows you to wear it on either the left or right ear. The 3.5mm mono plug is a molded right angle and is ideal for a Comtek or IFB feed.

2 thoughts on “New Equipment in my kit: Remote Audio Earbuds”

  1. Do the actual earphones have screen printed on them, or is that just in the stock photos? They look exactly, and I mean exactly, like an accessory Motorola sells for two way radios. You can see them here:
    It’s probably worth the extra money to deal directly with Trew unless you’re getting a whole ton of them though.


  2. It is just screen printed on. These look exactly the same though. I am going to try and remove the remote audio with some rubbing alcohol and I am sure it will come off


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