Backup media intregity: dual-layer DVDs

Got this from a friend of mine who works at a large post house very interesting:

As for as dual layer DVD+R DL media is concerned, the best, most reliable, and only true archival-quality media is Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL; that said, only seek the discs with “Made in Singapore” on the packaging, and when inserted into a drive and checked with an app such as Nero DiscSpeed, are denoted with a manufacturer ID: MKM 001

Many other brands (and even outsourced Verbatim), are made in Taiwan and India; the success rate of these are roughly 50% on a burn, if the complete a burn even; personal experience further backs this up. The Memorex 8x DVD+R DL from Tawian with an ID of RITEK S04, for example, have layer break issues. I have experienced this firsthand when many a times when shifting to burn Layer 2, the burn fails out. Be sure to check the manufacturer country. On three identical store displays, discs with the same packaging, price, size, and brand had three different manufacturer locations on their packaging!

The Verbatims MKM 001 are the only reliable dual layer media source, be it for archival or video masters.

I wanted to share this with all of you, in the media industry, hopin to further support the need for proper and reliable data archival, and being able to put our trust in a media format that will work. DVD+DL has been a shotty format with minimal reliability, but, the Verbatim MKM 001s will get the job done right when you need the reliable 8 gig capacity.

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