Rode NTG-3 Review

Well after a busy few weeks doing some Reality TV I finally had some time to test out my new RODE NTG-3. I never like to use new gear for the first time in a high pressure situation so I have been waiting for a lower stress job so that I could play around with it. This week I worked on a short film for a day filling in for a friend who really needed my help so I decided it was a good time to try the NTG-3 out. We were filming in an abandoned dilapidated floor of a building right on a major highway with HMI’s inside the room for lighting. The film is a period piece in the late 1880’s and what we were filming involved a very soft spoken girl practicing her violin. So good boom technique was very important to try to get good clean dialogue.

The Rode NTG-3 preformed great all day. It had great reach for the soft dialogue during the wide shoots, handled the high frequencies and SPL of the violin very well and had the rejection I needed to due to the location. I would say after this brief use and test I like it just as much as my MKH 416. I am going to try it out on my next reality shoot and see how it handles that. Overall I am very happy with my purchase

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