Tech Tip: Not all Mole Skin is created equal

I got a message from a reader saying that ” I have been trying to place a Countryman EMW inside a T-Shirt with moleskin and once the talent started sweating it just won’t stick”.  After asking him what type of mole skin he said he was using ” a store brand mole skin and some black mole skin from a sound retailer”. These Mole Skins DO NOT WORK WELL. They are too thin and are not sticky enough, The Mole skin needs to be thick to absorb sweat and needs to be extra sticky to continue sticking. The best Mole Skin is “ Dr Scholl’s MoleSkin Plus Padding” It comes in a roll but is sometimes difficult to find. I usually order 25 rolls once or twice a year from Amazon. Each Roll costs about $5.50. I have some of the black moleskin which I will use only if I need it to be black

1 thought on “Tech Tip: Not all Mole Skin is created equal”

  1. I agree. Dr Scholl’s works the best for me also. I have tried the black mole skin from a sound retailer with poor results.


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