NeoPax Sound Belts and Straps

As someone who often needs to use a leg strap or waist strap on one of the many reality shows I work on to hide a microphone pack on what seems to be ever shrinking waradrobe. I am always looking for a better solution for a long time I have used mostly the Remote Audio strap kit or just a plain ace bandage. Though these solutions work they aren’t often very comfortable for the talent.  Which is a real issue on a reality show much more than on a film. It is my goal as a reality tv mixer to make the talent forget we are following them, that also includes making them forget they are wearing a mic pack. So my newest tool is the NEOPAX system which I have found to be very effective especially on very thin talent. I have also had talent tell me that they forget they are even wearing a waist or ankle strap. So you should try out a NEOPAX strap or belt available at most major sound retailers including my prefered provider.

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