Dell Netbook Review

After playing with my new netbook the last few days I am very impressed for the $400.00 I spent inlcuding a case and windows xp. I have loaded Sound Devices Wave Agent, IAS frequency software, Open office and PDF Reader. I plan to add BWF Widget Pro soon as well. The computer starts up quickly, and also allows for easy internet surfing. The hardest thing though was getting use to Windows XP again, As someone who has been a Mac user the last 4 years I remembered why I hated windows so much. But overall a great purchase that will help me work more effectively.

1 thought on “Dell Netbook Review”

  1. I also recently got a Dell Mini 9, and I agree XP isn’t necessarily the operating system of choice today. It’s not that difficult to install OS X on it. I’ve even seen several people that took the apple sticker that comes in Mac retail boxes and put it over the dell logo. From a bit of a distance, it looks like a tiny MacBook.

    I ended up with the Windows 7 beta on mine, and I think that’s what gonna stay on it until Windows 7 is actually released. That still doesn’t help you I guess, but Windows 7 has taken more cues from OS X than XP has.


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