Zaxcom Hop Mounting Option

Someone sent me a email asking how to effectively mount a Zaxcom ENG Transmitter on a camera. It is a loaded question:

If your shooting on a fullsize camera (Beta, Digideta HD Cam) it is fairly easy:

You can either use a Bec Box, Saddle Bag or if the camera takes V-mount batteries you can just put V-mount plate on the Zaxcom Hop

If your shooting on a small format Camera (Hvx-200, Dvx-100) It is a bit harder:

If the shoot is mostly handheld or all handheld most operators use a shoulder mount rig of some type. These rigs usually have a mounting plate on the bag, which I usually mount the Zaxcom on sideways so that the operator doesn’t get poked in the head by antennas all day. The best way to mount it to the plate is velcro, and usually a small bit of gaffer tape to keep the excess cables and connects secure. It is simple and easy for battery changes you get about 6 hours if you use lithium AA.

If the operator is hand held with no rig. Then a waist/ fanny pack is the only other option. Most operators hate this method but you have to do it. So I hope this answers your questions.

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