Another New Audio Bag The Petrol PSMK-N Sound Knapsack

I am always looking for new ways to travel easier and keep all my equipment safe while flying, driving or just moving it around on a shoot. I have been very lucky and never broken any of my own gear in transport. The airlines well thats a different story. Most of the jobs I fly and travel alot for are usually my smaller package which consists of my 302 mixer, 2 Lectrosonics, K-tek 20in collasped boompole, zaxcom hop. Usually for backup equipment I usually carry have my mix-pre, 2 G2 wireless and a Rode NTG2. Normally I check a 1510 Pelican case or my larger Porta-Brace Vault case with my backup gear, chargers, boom pole etc… Then I carry on my laptop bag and my eng sound bag. Well it is tough carrying 2 heavy shoulder only bags so that is why I  purchased this Petrol Backpack. I can put my laptop, all my backup gear and my boompole along with batteries. I can them put my Eng bag in my 1510 Case if I want to and then check another case with backup gear. My buying this bag I can now carry on all my primary gear if I need to which makes me feel alot better.

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