The Sanken Cub-01 Boundary Microphone

I have been a fan of using the Sanken Cub-01 since it was first released though I have never owned one just because I couldn’t justify spending $500.00 on a item I’d consider a luxury. But almost all of the equipment provided jobs I work on we have one or two available to us. But I just bought one used for $250.00 which is a great deal. The Cub is small and cardioid shaped in its size and pick up pattern. It is the best microphone I have heard for conference tables and as a car plant microphone. But for me its primary job will be to gaffer tape it to podiums so I can get high quality dialogue. As we know most P.A feeds sound pretty bad so normally if I need to take a P.A feed I will iso that on one channel and if most people will be speaking from the same place I will use the Cub on the other. It is also great for high SPL sound fx. With a Ta5f breakaway the Cub can also be hooked up to any Lectrosonics to use as a wireless plant mic. So if you can afford one it is a nice item to have in your secret bag of tricks.

Sanken Cub

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