A Location Sound Demo Reel

Despite having this listed as a tab on my website I am not 100 percent sure of the need for this. I occasionally am asked for a demo reel usually by low budget film people who don’t have a clue how to hire a sound person. I prefer just to give the name of a few of my references instead of some of my clients. But if people really want a demo reel of my film work I do have it on DVD and I am happy to provide it

2 thoughts on “A Location Sound Demo Reel”

  1. Whitney,

    I just ran into this issue. I haven’t needed a resume for the past 2 1/2 years, having been lucky enough to stay busy based on personal recommendations.

    But some folks came into town from LA and asked for a resume and a reel, and since the majority of my work is corporate (where I never have access to the final product), I had to just give them some references for the film-style projects that I’ve done.’t

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m getting the gig. Oh, well. 🙂



  2. I tell people (newbie directors/producers without a clue) that there is NO SUCH THING AS A DEMO REAL FOR SOUND!

    I mostly end up explaining why too.. Getting tried of it, and Its not my responsibility to educate you about Hollywood 101.

    I totally agree, that if the director/producer ask for this, then you know this is a crew to stay away from..



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