Importance of Getting Insurance

Got my Insurance taken care of last week I should have done it awhile ago for anyone who doesn’t have it. It is very fair priced below is what my policy costs.

$575.00 for 1 year of coverage for $30,000 in owned equipment and up to $15,000 on equipment I rental
$68.00 for 1 year of rental reimbursement coverage of up to $5,000
$70.00 Dewitt Stern Fee
$713.00  Total for one year

USA, Canada Coverage
$500.00 deductible

I feel like I got a good deal and feel much better now that I have everything in my package covered as I had no insurance before. The rental reimbursement may be over kill for some but for $68.00 I thought it was a good investment and It makes me sleep a bit easier. I was also very happy with Dewitt Stern and my agent there below is her contact information. Everyone should really have insurance as it only cost you 1 or 2 days a work for the year.  If anyone has any insurance questions please ask

Brandy Mcgrew
DeWitt Stern of California Insurance Services
10969 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA  91604
Tel. 818-623-5429
Fax. 818-623-5469
License #0C28262

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