Linking a Sound Devices 302 to a Mix-Pre

Recently I have had the need to add an extra channel to my 302. I have in the past used the return of my 302 to add the extra channel but I hate losing the ability to use my return to listen. I considered many options I first was going to buy a 442 mixer but at $2600.00 with a betasnake it just seemed like alot of investment for only the occasional time I need an extra channel since I would never sell my 302. I then considered buying a used Wendt X4 which I used in Film school. But after using one on a equipment provided job I remembered how much I hated the metering and limiters on it. So I was going to buy a 2nd 302 but spending $1300.00 still was more than I wanted to spend. However there are many used Mix-pre around so I purchased one for $450.00 bought a line out to mix in cable from Trew Audio and for under $500.00 I have added 2 more channels. I have used the set up once and used the mix-pre for my boom and for a plant mic on a podium. It worked flawlessly and provided me with excellent sound. The limiter worked just as good as the 302 on my boom. The only things I don’t like about the Mix-Pre is it only has mic inputs and line outputs but thats it and I can work around it. I would suggest this set up to anyone who needs an extra channel sometimes but is on a budget like me.

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