Importance of taking care of yourself in the film industry

Every time I do a long term project or film I usually end up getting sick when it is over. I usually end up with a minor head or chest cold and thats it. I just consider it part of working. I try my best to take care of myself when traveling. I take a good multi vitamin,  I drink Mona Vie which has helped greatly and despite wanting to unwind If I am shooting more than 12 hour days I don’t go out drinking. Well on my recent trip to Memphis I worked 17 days with 1 day off with most days 14 hours and the longest being 18 hours. I was told all of this before I took the job and my base day rate was much higher and my overtime rate was higher than normal as well. I enjoyed the shoot alot and the crew was excellent including the producer. But I didn’t follow my own advice on this project. I didn’t  eat right, drank late at night and watched tv most nights instead of going right to bed. I have always had the feeling I am 24 and nothing can stop me.

But after shooting in 110 and over heat for that many days I got sick. Just your normal cold which went away after 3 days of sleeping but I still didn’t feel 100 percent then I began to feel ill again. I have decent health insurance so I went to the doctor and found out I had a dangerous infection in my blood stream this was this past thursday. Lucky for me after 14-21 days of antibotics I should be ok. Even though I still feel pretty bad.

I have learned from this though If I feel sick for an extended period I should go to the doctor, I need to take better care of myself while shooting, Every month I consider canceling my health insurance because I never use it which I realize now is a stupid idea, Even though I am young I can still get very sick. Everyone take care of yourselves because no one else will. Having health insurance is important as well too. Tomorrow my blog will feature my thoughts on my new mixer combination the Sound Devices 302 and Mix-pre hooked together for 5 channels of mixing.

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