Great Reviews Of lavalier microphones

This was posted on RAMPS today what a great resource check it out

I found this on the Creative Cow forums this morning.  Definitely
should help nearly everyone.

Lav Article Debuts
by Dan Brockett on Apr 6, 2008 at 6:42:37 pm

Hi all:

It’s finally live. 16 models of lavalier mics tested, 105 images, 83
sound samples.

Hope that this helps you buy the best lavalier for your needs.

Tips for doing Music Video Playback

I had a reader ask me for some music video playback tips so here are a few:

1. Try to be your Playback tapes ahead of time to check them make sure all DAT tapes have timecode on the  left channel and program material on the right channel

2. The night before the shoot take the lyrics sheet and next to each line write the timecode number so you can quickly cue up the song. Most of the time they want 8 seconds of pre roll so I add that it when I do the sheet.

3.  When arriving at the shoot communicate with the 1st A.D since he will be telling you your cues all day.  Also talk to the Electric department about your power needs.

4. When they tell you the cue “24 frame playback at line 16” Always repeat back what they said “Roger 24 frame playback at line 16 with pre roll to line 15 plus 8 seconds”. Then after I have the cue and have checked it via my headphones I will say. “Playback standing by at line 15 plus 8 seconds for 24 frame playback”. It may sound redundant but sometimes they change the cue without telling you and you want to be ready at all times.

5. Set up next to VTR so you can make sure they are getting good audio for video playback and so you can make sure they are slating correctly.

6. Always stay professional and be ready to change quickly.

The Longest day of my career

Well I have worked many 14-16 hour days but yesterday to today I had the longest day of my career 21 hours of shooting with me being awake 26 hours straight and to top it off I was doing music video playback which I hadn’t done recently. Over 200 take music video 4 different locations one of which was the beach I hope the next one isn’t so bad