Petrol Bags vs Porta-Brace

Choosing a Sound Equipment Bag is a very important but often overlooked purchase. Alot of Novice sound mixers just buy the cheapest bag, use the provided bag or buy a Porta-Brace because that the name they have heard before. However I love and prefer Petrol Bags because of there price, versatility and ease of use. The most important thing when having a sound bag is that it doesn’t hinder the operation of your equipment especially in a fast pace reality tv situation. I prefer Petrol Bags because your able to run cables anywhere you need to in the bag and in a PEZ1 bag I can fit (2) Sound Devices 302 Mixer, (5) Lectrosonics, (1) Zaxcom Hop, and a few extra batteries. The Petrol Harness is also great and I think is much more comfortable than the Portabrace harness. So if your in the market for a new sound bag consider a Petrol Bag BH Video also has the lowest prices on them as well.