Choosing the Right Lav Microphone

I had someone email me yesterday and ask me which lav microphone should I buy and which do you own. Lav Microphones are just like other types of microphones different ones for different situations. So here are my thoughts on Lav microphone choice. I own Countryman Emw, Countryman B6, TRAM, and Sanken Cos-11(have used but don’t own). Personally I prefer the Countryman EMW as my multipurpose lav. I like it because it is easy to hide, waterproof, wind resistant and is cheap at under $200.00. I use it in most situations with great success, however it is just a tool. The 2nd lav I use often in situations where I need to hide a lav on someone wearing small amounts of clothing or need to make 100 percent sure it is hidden is the Countryman B6. I don’t care for the sound of the B6 as much but it has saved me a few times. The B6 is expensive and is fragile because of it being so small. I only own 1 TRAM Lav and only use it in situations where I think the Lav may take a beating because I find it to be the most robust. I think the EMW sounds better and is cheaper. The Sanken Cos-11 is a great sounding Lav and If I start doing more Film work I will buy some however I find the EMW more easy to hide and for reality tv no one has ever told me that the EMW was unacceptable. So to answer the readers questions If you can only afford 1 lav buy the Countryman EMW it is the cheapest, and the most versatile. Tomorrow I will discuss bag choice and set up