Preparation is key for successful audio

I am often asked by new clients after a few shoots why they are never waiting on audio and why I always have whatever is needed ready. The answer is good preparation and anticipation of productions needs. I always tell everyone that I am a Pro Active person for Re Active person. By being pro active I prepare and prep gear so it is always ready to be deployed. I also have the experience to know what gear is going to be needed even when the client doesn’t think so.  These are just some of the skills that come along with hiring a professional experienced audio mixer. 

One of my rules of thumb is to prep extras of everything so that if needed I can quickly deploy them keeping the client happy and increasing my gear rental. Some examples of this are if they order 4 talent wireless I will prep 6 or if they order 3 IFB I will prep 5. In my experience talent wireless and  IFB are the items I add the most frequently. By also having my Nissian Nv-200 van always close by I have spare and extra gear available at a moments notice.


So I invite you to review how you prepare for your jobs.  

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