Sound Devices 633 Review

I took deliver of my 633 this morning and have spent about 3 hour playing with it and setting it up below are my initial thoughts and observations:

Bag Choice: I got it to fit into my 302 Petrol bag but it was too small for my needs. If I was doing a simple 2 wire and boom gig straight to camera I may choose this bag but does not offer me enough space for everything I need. I have a large selection of bags and think the Petrol 601 is the best choice. I needed 3 of the bottom pillows in the bag to get it to sit high enough but with a small amount of velcro it is very secure in the bag.  I have 2 SRB comtek IFB and all needed parts on the bag with plenty of space to add a 3rd SRB if needed.

Menu Layout: For those who have used a 664 this machine is a super easy transition. It feels just like a 664 with same menu structure plus a few new menus like the Power Menu and X3-X-4 Routing Menu everything was very logical and only needed to refer to the manual once during set up.

Gain and Fader Knobs: I have large fingers was very concerned about control of 4-6 but based upon my initial set up those concerns are gone. I feel confident I could easily mix 6 channels if needed. Everything was easy to access and even with my large fingers was able to mix Channels 1 and 4 at same time. The small and large knobs have the same tactile feeling as well.

Machine Features: Power Menu is great and the power down feature works as advertised I put the machine into record and killed power and it continued recording right until it powered down 10 seconds later with no file issues. The Limiters sound great as well just like 744T IMHO very impressed.

How I plan on using machine: I did not purchase this machine to replace my 664 or 788 those machine both fill important needs for the clients I work for. What the 633 does is allow me to be more flexible to clients who don’t communicate well ahead of time and also provides me with a easy to travel with back up machine for the 664. This machine for me is for my clients that are usually 2 wires and a boom but may need a 3rd occasionally. Even though I feel I could mix 6 channels on this machine I would prefer my 664 as I feel it is better suited for those jobs but like knowing if needed I can. I also want the safety net of always recording on every job even if client doesn’t want it. I’d rather be the hero and sell them the back up files if needed then not have that option. It is all about being prepared for anything that may pop up on a job and the 633 offers me lots of flexibility to do that.

Overall Observations: I would give the 633 10 out of 10 all features work as advertised and I have not found any bugs it is a solid machine. As usual when calling Sound Devices support with a question I did not wait at all and had my answer in less than 5 minutes. If you need a small machine that can handle simple and complex jobs this machine is for you.

5 thoughts on “Sound Devices 633 Review”

  1. Just got one too, I’m super happy with it too. It’s going to be fantastic on SFX recording sessions as well as standard ENG gigs. Thanks for the review!


  2. Thanks for the review, i really want the 633 and i´m looking a perfect bag for this mixer… i´ll try the petrol 601.. thanks again


  3. Thanks for the review. One question related to the bag and how the mixer fits the 601 bag: I plan to use the mixer with Sony NP-batteries (at bottom of mixer). Not sure if thats how you powered it, but do you think it will fit nicely with the Petrol 601 bag? Thanks!


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