Zoom H2 Back up/ Transcription Recorder

I am always trying to work the most effective way I can and having a spare recorder can never hurt. My primary recorder has always been a sound devices recorder and has always preformed well in all conditions. However sometimes I just need a simple recorder as a back up or to do a Mp3 transcription. So I picked up a used H2 for $100.00 a few weeks ago and have been very impressed with it. I have used it to record some mp3 transcriptions and per a clients request ran it as a back up for some ENG interviews. For the price it is an excellent recorder and is a nice addition to my equipment inventory.

7 thoughts on “Zoom H2 Back up/ Transcription Recorder”

  1. I’ve been using the Zoom H4 but have been considering upgrading to the H4n, which I believe has better pre-amps and converters as well as being able to record via the internal mics and an external input simultaneously to four tracks.


  2. Hello,
    I use both TASCAM HD P2 ZOOM H2
    at 96khz 24 bit

    do you beleive that the sound is the same?
    also what is the best wireless mic kit that is fit to HD P2 for field recording( i use RODE NTG2, 3 shotgun mics but sometimes distance is a big problem
    i don’t like to dub the voice if the scene is too far


  3. Christos,
    The HD P2 sounds better, Best thing you can do to improve audio quality is to put a high quality pre amp in front of the HDp2 Like a sound devices 302 442 or 552 mixer this will help alot. The NTG3 is a good microphone for the price ( I own one) As far as wireless a used Lectrosonics Kit would be best bang for your buck, However a Sennheiser G2 or G3 evolution wireless can be found for around $500.00 and are great for the money.


  4. It is great idea for backup. Please write more on this issue. specially Edirol-09. How it can help during sound production on location or studio.
    Thanks, Tesfu


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