Canon 5D Camera Audio

The Canon 5D Camera is quickly becoming the number one camera choice for many companies and operators. While the camera produces amazing images the audio options on the camera are poor. The  only real option to get good audio is recording it double system on a high quality professional recorder. Here is how I approach shooting on The Canon 5D and other cameras similar to it:

If it is a studio shoot with multiple camera I run my 442 mix with the prefader iso outs to my 744T @ 23,976 with my Smart Slate. I usually also provide them with a back up mix via my 442 into my Fostex Fr2le. I usually have them turn on the camera microphone to hear the slate clap. If requested I can also send a scratch take mix via Comtek or G2 Wireless but since the camera is so small I prefer not to add any weight to it. I have also ditched the smart slate and just used a dummy slate with good results as well.

If it is a more run and gun shoot I do everything the same except I don’t carry around the fostex fr2le as my back up recorder I use the SD Card in my zaxcom unit instead to cut down on weight and size. If we don’t have an AC or someone to take care of the smart slate. I prefer to use a dummy slate to keep it simple.

I have done a number of Canon 5D/7D shoots this way with great results.

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