The RED Camera isn’t going anywhere and is quickly becoming a very common camera on a variety of different jobs mostly Films and commercials. The RED isn’t a ENG Camera and anyone trying to use on in that capacity is making a poor choice like any technology its limitations need to be understood and worked with. Below is the most fool proof way to get quality audio via a RED. Make sure you have the right cables I have recently ordered the Remote Audio Tails for my current Breakaway snakes so that I have the right cables they are a bit pricey but work well like all Remote Audio Cables. Even though most RED Owners have the needed audio cables I prefer to always have my own.

RED Audio Workflow:
Feed RED Audio via my 442 and Also run my 702T/744T slate via Smart Slate. I treat it like a film shoot.Most clients prefer to use the on camera audio but I can rest easy knowing that I have a double system back up or if the client chooses it can easily be used as primary audio.
This workflow has worked well for me thus far in the future I want to get Denecke SBT boxes so I can sync everything up via timecode. I will post my findings after I do that

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