Sound Devices 702T Recorder everyone should have one

As many of you know I am a big supporter of Sound devices I own (2) 302 3 channel mixers, (1) 2 channel mix-pre. (1) 442 4 Channel mixer, (1) 744t 4 Channel Hard Disk recorder and (1) 702t CF based recorder. I own at least one of most there products except the 788t 8 channel recorder. I believe everyone should have a Sound Devices 702t 2 Channel Hard Disk recorder in there kit. Even though most of my jobs are direct to camera or require iso recording which i use my 744t for. The 702t still has its place. I bought mine used for $2000.00 including a power supply and batteries retail for the unit is $2500.00. So it is affordable, very small and light weight. It has the ability to record many different file types, bit and sample rates. It records to CF (Compact Flash) and will work in any conditions. Due to its size it always travels with me on every job just in case and it gets used often. So pick one up it is a great value.

4 thoughts on “Sound Devices 702T Recorder everyone should have one”

  1. I’m also a big fan of SD gear, and I know your HD-P2 crapped out on you all of a sudden, so I’ll grant you there’s a reliability issue there. But speaking for myself, the only other benefit I can see from the 702T is the ability to feed timecode to other devices. When I use a backup recorder, I feed it timecode from the camera, and sometimes even let the camera’s timecode trigger the recorder’s start and stop.

    Am I missing something? What else does the 702T have going for it?


    1. The Tascam Machine is the best hard disk recorder under $1000.00 but comparing it to the 702t is like comparing a BMW to a Geo Metro yes both are recorders but one is high performance. If you cannot afford the 702t them buy a Tascam but when I have clients depending upon me I want the best and that is the 702T


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