Lectrosonics Service A+++

Lectrosonics is a great american company that provides the sound industry with top notch wireless systems and solutions. That are built for abuse and rarely fail or have an issue but if they do there service department is top notch. One of my 211 units which I have owned for 4 years and used over 600 days on various demanding projects began experiencing issues with its pilot tone feature. So I sent it off to New Mexico for service and was quoted a very fair $300.00 to replace the pilot tone crystals, update the firmware, and a cleaning of the body pack with new on/off switch. Well upon receiving the unit lectrosonics quickly contacted me and informed me that the pilot tone crystal issue I was having would be corrected for free as part of the upgrades to the unit and the unit would be returned to be soon. The unit arrived today looking brand new including 3 9v batteries.

At $300.00 I felt like I was getting a good deal and had no problem knowing my unit would come back to me in like new condition. But free is even better, I would imagine that his unit will serve me for many more years to come

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