Zaxcom Wireless Camera Hop Range

I got an email from a client asking me, What I thought my max range on my Zaxcom Camera Hop is as he was concerned that I may need to be about 25 feet from camera at times. I find that the Zaxcom units provide me with the best possible camera hop solution. While lectrosonics and the new SR reciever provide an excellant solution. I have had such great experiences with my Zaxcom units I just won’t use anything else. With the RF trap external attenna and proper frequency scanning I can easily get 20 yards and have been 50 yards away before with no issues, While I prefer to be within 10-20 feet of my camera operator it is nice to know I have the extra range. I also like that the zaxcom unit auto tunes to the clearest frequency. So if you want an idiot fool proof camera link reach for a Zaxcom.

1 thought on “Zaxcom Wireless Camera Hop Range”

  1. I have a quick question. Is the Zaxcom RX900S stereo receiver capable of receiving seperate audio channels from two different Zaxcom TRX900AA transmitters, and keep the channels seperate to the camera XLR inputs? I’m thinking of a situation where you have wireless mics on two people, but you only have one receiver with distinct channel seperation. Thank you for your response.


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