Which Machine is better? Fostex Fr-2 or Tascam HD-P2

I got an email last week from a reader with this question: “The FR-2 has dropped to $799 and the HDP2 to $849 what would you buy?”

My answer was the HD-P2 because I feel it is a better build machine and allows for Tri-Level Sync which allows it to chase timecode from a HD Camera you can also find the tascam on Ebay from tascam resellers for $699.00. I had a tascam for about 4 years until it stopped working so I feel I got my money worth. However I am much happier with my Sound Devices 702T recorder which I replaced it with, though It costs close to $2500.00. So if you only have $700.00 the tascam is a good buy though it is more prosumer but it will work.

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