Equipment Insurance important to have

Insurance is one of those things that you should always have. It is fairly cheap compared to the cost of your gear and it is good for peace of mind. Even though my gear is covered by the client insurance policy having more coverage than needed isn’t a bad thing. I pay about $800.00 ( including fees and taxes) for $50,000 in coverage against loss and $5000,00 in rental replacement coverage which will pay for rental while they investigate my claim it costs an extra $60.00 a year and well worth it I think. If anyone wants my brokers name and info send me a email.

2 thoughts on “Equipment Insurance important to have”

  1. Whitney: I’d REALLY like the name of your broker… none of my eqpt is insured, and I’ve got a potential low-budget shoot in ATL coming up… really nervous about thefts. Thanks, BG


  2. Stumbled across your page trying to find info on gear insurance.Would you mind refering me to who you use?

    Thank You
    Ken Paulakovich


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