Using more Rechargeable batteries

As I have posted before I have been using I-power 9v for about a year with great results well I just invested in some rechargeable AA as well. I only use a few things that take AA batteries these items include G2 wireless and Timecode Slates but in a effort to be more green I invest $100.07 in one charger and 16 batteries. I bought the Maha MH-C801D eight cell charger. and 2 eight packs of Duracell NiMH 2650mAh batteries per Phil Palmer suggestion. I bought these from Thomas Distribution a great online retailer. I will let everyone know how I find them to be

1 thought on “Using more Rechargeable batteries”

  1. WHitney, there is a new breed of Nimh AA on Thomas website. They are better at keeping the charge when stored for a while ( lower self discharge ). They are about equal to a LI-ion in that sense. So that way when you have a set in your bag and you don’t remember when was the last time you charged them, your safer then with normal Nimh AA’s.



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