As the cameras get cheaper the sound stays the same price

On the job this week I was talking to one of the camera ops who just bought a HVX-200 and owns a DVX-100 too. He asked me if sound gear was getting any cheaper since cameras were comign down in price. My response that audio gear is actually going up in price because of the weak dollar to euro exchange. I also explained whether I am doing sound into a PD-150 or Cine Alta I use the same gear because that is what it takes to get good sound. I also told him that products like the G2 wireless are a great tool but a lectrosonics will always sound better to me. I wished audio gear was cheaing like everyone else but at least it doesn’t become obsolete as fast as cameras.

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  1. The downside is prices aren’t coming down, the upside is audio gear does seem to retain its value on the used market fairly well. As someone who has bought a lot of audio gear used, I’m amazed how much of it is still worth what I paid for it even years later.

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