I-Power New Product Release

I-power has just announced a new professional grade rechargeable battery the “Ipower 520 Pro” which will have higher quality control and longer life. According to Richard from I-Power USA, The biggest difference is that the 520 Pro consists of the best possible grade of Lithium and certain raw materials, and the cells are precision balanced. This also give a higher capacity, so the cells don’t work as hard, discharge less and should yield better.  The existing DC-9V500 will range in actual capacity from 470mAh to 510mAh. The DC-9V520 batteries will yield 510 to 550 mAhs. Over all it equates to around a 10% increase in capacity in the 520 Pro, over the 500. Also the 520 will shut off closer to 6 volts than the 500. Tests have shown that the known problems have been overcome, but  we need “real world” comfirmation, thanks Larry. This is a special order, battery, targeted at professional applications. The iPower 520 Pro will be available at participating Pro Audio dealers, in limited supply. We have an iPower Pro info site starting up, www.ipoweruspro.com.

The MSRP of the 520 will be $22.00 while the 500 will stay at $19.00. The same I-power charger will work for both batteries. I am excited and hope these new batteries will last longer. I still wish they would make a pro level charger

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