The expanded job of the production sound mixer

It never ceases to amaze me what is now expected of the sound mixer. A thread on reminded me of this VIEW IT HERE  It is a fellow mixer talking about his responsbilites on a 30 million + feature where he is also responded for the VTR since there is no video village. As defined by WIKI a sound mixer is “A production sound mixer or location sound recordist is the member of a film crew responsible for recording all sound and sound effects on set during the photography of a motion picture,” Click Here to read the whole definition.  As you will notice it does not mention anything about  being responsible  for video,  Comtek’s, or other on set communication, which increasingly we are also in charge of without extra wage or assistance. It just plan sucks and then we are blamed when this devices don’t work correctly especially in the lower budget world I work in I tell people I am not a walkie expert or a video expert if I was I would probably would be making more money than I am now. I  just want to be a sound mixer and do a good job at it is that to much to ask? Sometimes I think so.

2 thoughts on “The expanded job of the production sound mixer”

  1. Work with Soderburgh… He Directs and operates which means NO videot village…

    Must drive the line producer nuts having to pay union positions to sit around and read the paper all day;)


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