The cost of being a sound mixer

This posting is a bit more “tongue and cheek”. Anytime I need to buy anything for my sound package it seems that I always have to spend at least $100.00 and usually end up spending closer to $150.00. As an example I needed a “Y” BDS cable and 2 vampire clips BAM over a $100 already. I also suffer from “G.A.S”  Gear Acquisition  Syndrome badly and always want to buy the newest coolest gadgets but who doesn’t. I also find it funny when a producer who is making far more than me expects free equipment add ons (Just because your last mixer wanted to give you free gear doesn’t mean I will” I still think it is horrible that no one wants to give you anything extra for a Zaxcom Hop considering it is the single most expensive piece of equipment I own. But it is all part of being a sound mixer

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