Five Tips for First Time Reality Tv Mixers

Here are my basic tips if you have never mixed on a Reality Tv Show before:

1. If you have to make sure the Lav Microphone doesn’t move use a Vampire Clip

2. For all other Lav situations use either Moleskin or 3m Transpore tape to secure the lav to the inside of the talents shirt

3. If your working on an equipment provided job talk to the head mixer or sound supervisor ahead of time and read all the manuals for the equipment you will be using ask questions if you don’t know something.

4. Make sure you have spare items with you especially a spare coiled boom jumper and a breakaway snake if your using a wireless camera hop. Also have plenty of batteries

5. Have a water bottle pouch either on your sound bag or buy a Cine Tools bottle pouch to put on your belt. Drinking plenty of water will make your job easier

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