Tascam HD-P2 Vs Fostex Fr-2

I got a number of messages regarding my thought about the Tascam Vs Fostex. So hear are my thoughts both are great machines at different price points the Tascam is $700.00 while the Fostex is either $1000.00 with out timecode and $1500.00 with timecode. These FR-2 comes from the BHvideo.com website. I have used both machines extensively and I believe both deliver a similar quality audio file. For me it came down to price. I only use my Tascam Recorder a few times a year and wanted to spend the least amount of money and get the most features. However if you need to Generate timecode then the Fr-2 is your only choice. It is just like most things in audio whatever works for you. So my advice would be go to your local store and try both.

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